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St. Mark's Preschool

Newsletter for 4's and 5's

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February News

Seven little valentines sitting on the shelf.
The 1st little valentines looked like an elf,
The 2nd little valentine had a clown's face,
The 3rd little valentine was edged in lace.
The 4th little valentine said, "Tonight we say goodbye."
The 5th little valentine started to cry.
The 6th little valentine said, "Won't you be mine?"
The 7th little valentine said, "ll be your valentine."

February, the beautiful month of hearts, valentines, and love is over. The children enjoyed this colorful month of pink and shades of red as they made Elmo bugs, valentines for special people they love, and decorated valentine boxes. They also made a special valentine keepers to keep their valentines in. Early in February we had lots of opportunities for learning about the sense of touch and feeling because it was also the week we learned about Caring for God's Creatures. Thanks to Jaxon and his family for bringing in their two dogs, Sierra and Marshall. Thanks to Noah for sharing his 8 pet lady bugs. Also, thanks to Emma and her mommy for sharing their adorable 5 week old puppies. Stuffed pet were brought in by McKenzie, Grace, Donavyn, Cash and Arizona. Nolan shared information about his grandparents' dog. Thanks to everyone who shared!

Our pajama party was a lot of fun. It was a fun and relaxing day. The children had a blast. (Teachers too!)The boys and girls enjoyed the Valentine's Party thoroughly. We played games, played postman with our valentines and enjoyed yummy treats.

During February we also observed the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The children learned some interesting facts about these great men. We also discussed patriotism and flags. We also discussed presidents and we marched to the tune of Yankee Doodle as they wore their three cornered hats and waved Betsy Ross flags. If your children show a new interest in money it may be because we spent time looking at different coins and bills, finding different presidents.

This week we will be began our circus activities. After discussing the circus we'll begin learning about different animals, where they come from and if we'd find them in a circus. The children made elephants and lions which will decorate our ceilings and walls. They painted cardboard boxes to be worn at the circus, such animals as the lion, tiger, bear, elephant etc. We have several circus games the children will enjoy and lots of circus activities. Each class is continuing working on letters and sounds. They are learning the correct way to make their upper case letters. We have also spent some time working on our names.

We heard the story of "Jesus was a Carpenter," and "The Wedding of Cana" was one of our Bible Stories this month. We also heard the story of Jesus Healing Jairus' Daughter and Jesus calming a scary storm.

On Thursday, March 5th we will be having our circus rehearsal and Friday, March 6th will be our circus! The World's Greatest Cardboard Circus will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, March 6. All 4's and 5's will come from 8:30-11:00 on Thursday and
Friday. Everyone is invited to come to the circus. If you get a chance try to come. The children are so priceless and adorable! The circus will begin promptly at 10:00, so please come early enough to be seated before that time. Thank you!

During March we will continue our circus activities, learn about wind, weather, St. Patrick's Day, Spring, and Easter. Parent/Teacher Conferences will be on Monday, March 23. Our Easter Celebration will be on Friday, March 27. Spring Break will be from March 28-April 6. We will have our 2015-2016 Registration from 2:00-4:00 and 6:30-7:30 on Wednesday, April 8. Tell friends! Thank you!

Miss Donna teaches 4's in the morning and Miss Sara teaches 4's and 5's in the morning and afternoon.

A place where God's children can learn and grow.