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Newsletter for 3's
For bunnies and squirrels
and birds that have wings,
For kittens and puppies and
all little things.
Thank you, God.  Thank you, God.

      The above verse has been a favorite snack prayer/song this past year at nursery school and we thought you might like to have the words for your own use.
         Our main themes during April and May have been about Spring, New Birth and New Growth.  We were able to observe a baby chick Preschool as it grew.  We also learned about caterpillars and butterflies.
        During the first part of April most of our music time was devoted to program practice.  We were very pleased with the program that the children presented.  Thank you for coming; it means so much to the children.  Also, thanks for all the delicious cookies!   After the program for music time, we enjoyed reviewing songs and records that we have liked this year.

    We’ve enjoyed singing many of the songs from the album called Bullfrogs and Butterflies.  On our last day of school we will hear the story of Jesus and the Children telling us that children are very special to Jesus and that someday we will be in heaven with Him and wear a “crown” of life.
    As you all know we had a great time at the zoo.   We thank all who either drove or rode along and helped to care for little ones.  Everything you all did meant a lot to us teachers.
    Thanks too to all who came to the Spring Day picnic at Miss Sara’s.  We rode on a hay ride, roasted hot hogs, played in the straw, sandbox, and slide, fished in the pool, pearl dove with our toes, and  blew bubbles.  The weather was wonderful and we had a wonderful time.    
    We celebrated the pretend birthdays of Jessica, Anna, Jonis, Payton, Gracem and Miss Lea Ann who have summer birthdays .  Happy Birthday soon!
        This school year has flown by so quickly it is amazing.  Your children have grown both physically and mentally; their progress was such a delight to observe.  We have truly enjoyed being with them and appreciate the cooperation and consideration you, as parents, have shown to us.  We wish you all a very pleasant and restful summer.  We will look forward to seeing you and your child again.

                    Miss Lea Ann, Miss Eydie,
                       Miss Donna and Miss Sara